An Ecosystem Bringing Together Finance, Emerging Technologies, and Compliance

An Ecosystem Bringing Together Finance, Emerging Technologies, and Compliance

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Emerging technologies such as blockchains, digital assets, and artificial intelligence have the potential to disrupt various industries, and the financial sector is no exception. We believe that especially the adoption of emerging technologies in traditional finance can happen only with regulatory clarity and compliant solutions.

Finance Yard is a place to network, learn, and help each other.

Michael Wutzke, Founder Finance Yard

Problems and Answers

Step by step, regulation is being applied to emerging technologies, such as blockchains. However, the finance industry in Germany and other parts of Europe lacks adoption of such solutions. That’s where Finance Yard will come into play.

Finance Yard is designed to connect people, organizations, and financial hubs to educate, shape opinions, and enable new business models for the financial services industry of the future. Our goal: educate especially people from the financial industry about the usefulness of emerging technologies in way which is compliant to regulatory and business requirements.

Emerging technologies, such as blockchains, digital assets, and artificial intelligence (AI) are essential innovations that will transform the financial industry. Their accessibility, speed, efficiency, lower costs, transparency, and security make them complementary to traditional financial systems. Emerging technologies challenge existing business models and regulatory frameworks while allowing for new business models.

Finance Yard is bringing together participants from all important segments of the financial space to form a trusted ecosystem which will have the power to change the way we will collaborate. Some of the topics that will be covered by Finance Yard are trading, custody, staking, tokenization, market data, decentralized finance, oracles, exchanges, protocols, stablecoins, regulation and compliance, risk management and reporting, as well as artificial intelligence.

Finance Yard will teach the why and how behind emerging technologies, by especially create links between existing content, industry events, pre-events, webinars, certifications, news, and solutions. This is important, because the majority of people in finance yet have a lack of understanding of the potentials for their own organization and the industry as a whole. There is enough content out there already, but it is not organized for us good enough. Thus, Finance Yard will provide value to its users by making it easier to learn and network with like-minded people. In short: We’re helping each other in the adoption of relevant knowledge and technology.

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