Customer Services

Using Finance Yard is generally free of charge for users, based on the terms of use. Business users and companies can support Finance Yard by using paid services (as shown below). When using Customer Services, you are bound to the Terms of Customer Services.

To order a service, please fill out the PDF order form or buy the given service online.

Host an Event

You can host an event with Finance Yard and invite people from financial services/fintech companies to attend it.

Webinar Sponsor: Hold an online webinar for people from the financial community.

Panel Sponsor: Hold an on-site panel in a supported financial hub of your choice.

Summit Sponsor: Join an on-site summit of several companies with your brand.

Write to if you would like to host an event.

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Join as Partner

You can become a partner to shape your brand while demonstrating a leading role in the Finance Yard ecosystem.

Diamond Partner: Sponsor all Finance Yard topics and be involved in the platform strategy.

Premium Partner: Sponsor one specific topic area of Finance Yard (i.e. market data).

Message Sponsor: Broadcast your message to the Finance Yard audience.

Write to if you would like to become a partner.

Official Finance Yard partners:

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
WM InnoLab by WM Datenservice
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