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A Financial Ecosystem

Finance Yard is forming a European ecosystem combining topics from traditional finance, emerging technologies, regulation, and compliance. Finance Yard is designed to connect people, organizations, and financial hubs to educate, shape opinions, and enable new business models for the financial services industry of the future.

Emerging technologies, such as blockchains, digital assets, and artificial intelligence (AI) are essential innovations that will transform the financial industry. Their accessibility, speed, efficiency, lower costs, transparency, and security make them complementary to traditional financial systems. Emerging technologies challenge existing business models and regulatory frameworks while allowing for new business models.

Finance Yard believes that technology adaptation in finance is a continuous process and can only happen with regulatory clarity as well as compliant solutions.

About Finance Yard: Download PDF document

Elevating Finance with Technology

The goals of Finance Yard are to:

Educate and Network

Finance Yard provides information to anyone from the financial services industry, academia, and regulation to understand why and how new technologies, such as blockchains and AI, can be used in a way which is compliant to regulatory or business requirements.

Finance Yard is connecting professionals from the financial industry, legal services, audit, official bodies, finance hubs, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, students, and like-minded people. For this reason, Finance Yard is building an online community as well as hosting events in Germany and elsewhere.

Build and Incubate

Finance Yard will empower its members to participate and cooperate within the network. Together, we will build relevant solutions in the finance field leveraging emerging technologies, such as blockchains and AI, while encouraging regulation and compliance to foster a fair and transparent business environment. Finance Yard will support its members to adapt emerging technologies faster and support developing new business models out of it.

Invest and Scale

Finance Yard will connect its members with relevant partners to support such new developments and innovation with advice, practical support, and potentially funding to accelerate implementation and adoption. Selected network participants may also choose to jointly invest into new business opportunities and scale them together to the next level.

Official partners of Finance Yard are: Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, BLOCKSIZE, and WM InnoLab.

If you are interested in hosting an event or becoming a partner, please see the Customer Services section or contact team@finance-yard.com

FY - Finance Yard at TechQuartier - blockchain panel in 2024
Finance Yard expert panel in April 2024
DeFi and TradFi hub in Germany - Blockchain world - networking

Finance, Blockchains, and Compliance

Blockchains and digital assets are essential innovations that have the potential to transform the traditional finance industry. Its accessibility, speed, efficiency, transparency, and security make it complementary to traditional finance systems.

By embracing blockchains, traditional financial institutions can reduce costs, increase financial inclusion, and improve the efficiency and speed of financial transactions.

We believe that the blockchain adoption in finance can happen only with regulatory clarity and compliance.

Topics covered are trading, custody, tokenization, decentralized finance, staking, market data, oracles, exchanges, protocols, stablecoins, compliance, and others.

Finance Yard Frankfurt Chapter

The Frankfurt finance meetups are managed by the following Finance Yard ambassadors in Frankfurt.

Lucas Daniel Schmitt

Startup Founder

Marc Anders

Blockchain Educator

Marcel Grimm

Blockchain Networker

Samuel Tucker

Chapter Lead FY Frankfurt

Finance Yard Munich Chapter

Finance Yard was recently launched also in Munich. If you would like to join the team there, please contact the Munich Chapter lead Ilja Geier (Coinbase) or send an email to team@finance-yard.com.

Finance Yard Berlin Chapter

Finance Yard is currently launching in Berlin. If you would like to join the team there, please send an email to team@finance-yard.com.

Download the Logo

Please click here to download the Finance Yard logo in PNG format. If you need additional graphics or support, please reach out to team@finance-yard.com

Finance Yard Advisory Board

The advisory board is defining the strategy of growth and adoption. The advisory board will grow in the months to come.

Dr. Jochen Biedermann

Managing Director World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC), Managing Partner FinTech Consult

Michael Wutzke

Builder and Problem Solver, Managing Director of Gateflow GmbH, CIO of Blocksize Capital GmbH, Founder of Finance Yard

Official Finance Yard partners:

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
WM InnoLab by WM Datenservice
CoreLedger blockchain technology - Core Ledger
Finance Yard