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Finance Yard is an online community which provides information to people working in the finance area to understand why and how blockchains, digital assets, and artificial intelligence can be used in a way which is compliant to regulatory or business requirements. Finance Yard is connecting professionals from financial companies, official bodies, finance hubs, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, developers, students, and like-minded people.

The goal of Finance Yard is to network, educate, and influence for doing legit business using blockchains, digital assets, and artificial intelligenceThe topics are covered by applying legal requirements or using best practices anticipating upcoming regulatory standards. 

Finance Yard was launched in 2024 and is currently implementing a web app to support its members gere. To get notified when the web app area launches, please follow Finance Yard on LinkedIn.

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Web App and Topics

Finance Yard’s upcoming web app will connect financial events as well as link relevant content with specific topics. Here’s where you come in: passionate individuals across Europe can become a volunteering topic ambassador.

  • Manage and review content and 3rd party events related to your chosen topic, ensuring its accuracy and relevance.
  • Foster connections with both community members and external stakeholders interested in your topic.
  • Become a recognized expert within the community through your leadership and involvement.

Topics covered by the upcoming FYA web app will be:

  • trading
  • custody
  • staking
  • tokenization
  • market data
  • decentralized finance
  • oracles
  • exchanges
  • protocols
  • stablecoins
  • regulation and compliance
  • risk management and reporting
  • artificial intelligence

When you are a residing in Europe, work in finance, and have a passion for a featured topic (see right side), you can apply to become a topic ambassador:

FYA - Finance Yard App - Web app

Official Finance Yard partners:

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
WM InnoLab by WM Datenservice
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