WM InnoLab by WM Datenservice

WM InnoLab (by WM Datenservice)

WM InnoLab is harnessing the power of technology and academic insights to revolutionize the financial industry. As a data-driven division of WM Datenservice, WM InnoLab is dedicated to driving innovation and creating solutions that empower clients and stakeholders.

WM Datenservice

For over 75 years, WM Datenservice has been providing data and information services to companies, enabling them to make value-creating decisions. This contribution has been pivotal to the success of their clients and the advancement of financial markets.

Driving Innovation Forward: Building on this strong foundation, WM InnoLab embodies WM Datenservice's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing change. Leveraging technology and academic insights as catalysts for innovation, WM InnoLab is set to make significant advancements in the finance industry. It seamlessly integrates with the existing Business Development and Strategy teams within WM Datenservice.

Mission, Vision and Role

Elevating corporate value through relentless innovation: WM InnoLab is dedicated to elevating corporate value and ensuring future relevance through relentless innovation. It generates new, innovative business ideas and processes within a protected space, aiming to increase the corporate value of WM Datenservice and strengthen its future viability.

Leading financial innovation: WM InnoLab is committed to taking a leading role in financial innovation, creating measurable impacts for its stakeholders. By embodying the spirit of a one-stop shop, WM InnoLab strives to deliver comprehensive solutions that drive progress in the financial industry.

Seeking valuable solutions: WM InnoLab is dedicated to finding valuable solutions for the financial industry by boldly utilizing technology and academic insights. Since 1947, WM Datenservice has been a leading market expert, and WM InnoLab continues this tradition, aiming to be a reliable partner for the financial industry by sharing its longstanding knowledge and expertise.

Data analytics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are focus areas of WM InnoLab

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WM InnoLab by WM Datenservice
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