Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC)

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC) is a research institution and think tank dedicated to exploring the multifaceted implications of blockchain technology. By delving into a wide array of blockchain-related topics, FSBC not only contributes to academic and practical understanding but also acts as a pivotal networking hub. This center facilitates the exchange of knowledge and best practices among managers, start-ups, and industry experts, fostering a vibrant community of innovation and collaboration.

Core Focus Areas

The FSBC’s research and activities are centered around several key areas in the blockchain and digital asset space:

  1. Crypto Assets: Investigating the development, management, and regulatory aspects of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Digital Securities: Exploring the potential and frameworks for securities in a digital format.
  3. Digital Euro and Central Bank Digital Currencies: Assessing the implications and implementation of digital currencies issued by central banks.
  4. Tokenization of Assets: Studying how physical and digital assets can be represented and managed on blockchain platforms.
  5. Decentralized Finance: Understanding the innovations and challenges within the DeFi systems.
  6. Non-Fungible Tokens: Analyzing the creation, trading, and impact of unique digital assets in NFTs.
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany - skyline of Frankfurt - European community for banks and digital assets

Key Projects and Initiatives

The FSBC spearheads several significant projects and educational programs aimed at promoting blockchain knowledge and innovation:

  1. Crypto Assets Conference (CAC): An annual event that brings together industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and developments in the crypto asset space.
  2. DLT Talents Program: A program specifically designed to empower women by providing education and opportunities in the blockchain sector.
  3. DeFi Talents Program: Focused on educating individuals about decentralized finance, this program equips participants with the knowledge needed to excel in the DeFi industry.
  4. NFT Talents Program: A leadership program that trains individuals to navigate and lead in the evolving NFT landscape.
  5. Bitcoin Talents Program: Aimed at ambitious young professionals, this initiative provides the education and skills required to enter and thrive in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  6. ReFi Talents Program: Dedicated to regenerative finance, this program empowers participants to become leaders in sustainable financial practices.


The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center has also co-founded several organizations to further its mission:

  • Digital Euro Association (DEA): An organization focused on the development and implementation of the digital euro.
  • A consulting company specializing in digital assets, providing expert guidance and solutions.
  • DEC Institute: An institution that certifies executives’ knowledge in blockchain technology, ensuring a high standard of expertise in the industry.

Through these initiatives, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center continues to be a leader in blockchain research, education, and community-building, driving the advancement and adoption of blockchain technology across various sectors.

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The FSBC is having a focus on digital assets and blockchain technology

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