Michael Wutzke

Michael Wutzke

Builder and Problem Solver, Managing Director of Gateflow GmbH, CIO of Blocksize Capital GmbH, Founder of Finance Yard

Before working for BLOCKSIZE, Michael served a variety of positions in the areas finance, real estate, and ecommerce. In the past he used to work as CTO, founder, managing director, project manager, conversion optimization expert, marketing leader, designer, web developer, and devops engineer.

Michael’s goal is to especially educate about the importance of digital assets and blockchains for institutional users under a growing regulatory pressure.

More details: www.michael-wutzke.com

Mike - DeFi Expert Frankfurt - CIO Frankfurt


  • Website : https://www.michael-wutzke.com
  • Email : mike@defihub.blog
  • Address : Frankfurt

Dr. Jochen Biedermann

Managing Director World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC), Managing Partner FinTech Consult

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