Frankfurt Blockchain Meetups

Next Events in Frankfurt:

From time to time meetups take place in Frankfurt, where Finance Yard originated. Events in other European finance hubs are in the pipeline, to be organized by our community ambassadors. If you are interested to host a meeting elsewhere, please contact

The upcoming DeFi meetups on this page will take place at Frankfurt’s TechQuartier innovation hub during 2024.

Germany blockchain event - Frankfurt DeFi Hub - MarketVector Frankfurt

Planned DeFi Meetup: Sponsored by MarketVector and TechQuartier

Topic: Crypto indexes.

DeFi meetup Europe - decentralized finance - the importance of data oracles and market data - Frankfurt skyline - Techquartier - Chainlink

Planned DeFi Meetup: Sponsored by Chainlink and TechQuartier

Topic: The newest innovations of Chainlink and why they are important.

Past Events in Frankfurt:

DeFi Meetup No 4: Sponsored by DZ Bank and TechQuartier

Topics: Blockchain initiatives of DZ BANK and smart derivative contracts.

DeFi Meetup No 3: Sponsored by SOLA-X and TechQuartier

Topic: DeFi 2.0 cross-chain exchanges.

DeFi Meetup No 2: Sponsored by Blockdaemon and TechQuartier

Topic: Access for institutions to web3 and yields.

Europe Blockchain Meetup - European DeFi community - Frankfurt - Blocksize Capital - TechQuartier

DeFi Meetup No 1: Sponsored by Blocksize Capital and TechQuartier

Topic: Market data and the Chainlink ecosystem.

NFT Skybar - Frankfurt blockchain bar - nightlife after event - sky bar

After Event @NFT Skybar

Often participants hang out after the event at the nearby NFT rooftop bar to network at a height of 180 meters.

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